• Large lobby at both “A” and “B” sections of the building

  • 24-hour security and reception service

  • Magnetic card access control system

  • Efficient facility management means cost effectiveness

  • Modern, state of the art, economical heating-cooling system

  • Quality building materials matched with high standard architecture

  • 3.12 metres office interior height (37 cms of suspended ceiling can be installed)

  • 20 cms of raised floor

  • Floor-plugs (electricity and computer network)

  • Flexible office solutions

  • Special openable windows made of insulated glass

  • Natural light at the rental areas

  • Full service infrastructure (food and groceries, fitness, clothing, etc.)

  • Direct link to hotel, restaurants, conference rooms.

  • Cca. 506 space parking lot with space for 130 bicycles + 50 motorbikes

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