Corso Office House

Corso Kaposvár is the part of an office and shopping centre chain of domestic and foreign interest. It is situated in a wonderful environment and welcomes visitors with multilevel shopping avenues, parking houses, offices and various supplies.

Drogerie Müller, Intersport, C&A, New Yorker, Charles Vögele, Orsay, Deichmann and many other domestic and international trade and supplier companies are avaliable in the shopping centre of Kaposvár.

Because of this the office offers shopping possibilites directly in the neighbourhood. The shopping park has a high level of fashion competency and supplies with everyday products so that it provides a perfect shopping experience.

The Corso Office is next to the mall in the historical city centre only two minutes walk from the city centre.  

In order to do further expansions of the project the real estate which can provide other shopping possibilities for the consumers is already available.  

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